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Textile Industry
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to a whole new world of high-quality fabrics. 


Piyon LLC imports high-quality upholstery and drapery fabrics for American businesses from Turkey.

Turkey represents the world's fifth-largest exporter of textiles and the second-largest exporter to the EU.
More and more American companies prefer Turkish textile products due to their quality and price advantage. As a result, Turkish textiles exports to the US rose to an all-time high of $628 million despite the pandemic. Turkey's production capacity has the potential to realize a much larger share of textile imports to the US.

Situated between Asia and Europe, Turkish designers are renowned for experimenting with styles and colors and coming up with a wide range of eclectic designs that American and European consumers prefer. 

With years of experience in the Turkish market, our team is dedicated to providing your business with natural, durable fabrics, easy to clean, and increased longevity at competitive prices to set itself apart from the competition and thrive in the US.

If you are a 



Furniture Manufacturer

you are in the right place

Piyon LLC is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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